H-E-B Customer Reviews:


Yep terrible

Nothing but problems logging in all the time

Needs a running basket total option

It would be nice if this app had an option to keep a running total for the items in your basket while shopping in the store. That way you know how much your bill would be before going to the check out. The scanner would be a useful tool to include with this feature.

Not bad but very limited

If I can't search for an item and filter by items found in my store or by selecting a store, doesn't do me a lot of good

Does not work on new Androids

HEB needs to update the it's program. Meanwhile I'll take my business back to Target.

It is not as user friendly as I would like. Takes a lot of time to look for a specific coupon for specifics while shopping.

I use it all the time to find odd items while I am in the store.

It wont down load.

Needs improvement

It would be nice if you could find a coupon by scanning an item like Target instead of scrolling all the way through all of them.

Only ~20 coupons available on tablet

Works great on my phone, but on my tablet, won't scroll more than 20 or so coupons.

I can't sort

I wish I could sort or filter the digital coupons, so I could find what I need more easily.

Needs one more thing to be perfect

I would uninstall my other "shopping" app if the HEB app would include a running total of my shopping list items. Prices vary by location so prices would have to be manually input- that's okay. I lug around a pen and my list which sucks. I am loyal to HEB; consider adding this feature.

Love this app!

Lots of good coupons with the app.

Needs Help

Doesn't organize your list by aisle. Didn't apply all my coupons when I checked out. Very disappointed in the app!

Great ease of use!

Love the different offers, products and discounts.

Bad app

Never work the app, in other words i never get the discounts

HEB app

It's ok, but annoying at the same time. It bothers me when it doesn't keep all things in order by aisles and you can't choose a quantity at the same time you choose an item. You have to go find the item and then change the quantity.

No prices

It doesn't transfer the prices from product search to grocery list.

Easy to find everything

Cool app


I love the coupon ability!!

I can't get into coupons.

So easy

Easy as 123

This app is anazing. I am able to check my weekly ad, clip my digital coupons and make my grocery lists. It's easy to navigate the app and I will recommend to friends and family!


Cant get the damn thing to email a list, or copy a list completely. The UI is very tricky and cumbersome.

Good app

When it works, just updated and now half the functions don't work.

Not happy

When I first downloaded this app it said I would be able to view the new ad on Tues,not true. Not only that 4 out of 6 times I try to view the ad,even on Wed,I get an error message and I can't see it. The digital coupons take so long to download I just give up

Can't view full ad.

I want to see the full add with this app. Not just a list!


Never get the same coupons everyone is raving about. Coupons get deleted from my list even when I dont purchase the product, but the amount is never reflected on my receipt only on the app .

Slow and why do they need access to all your calls????? It keeps dropping my list after i spent a while building it. Other than that they have a good idea. The way it organizes your list by store isle is so helpful.

Great App

Cant live without it!

Didn't like it

This app is so confusing 😢

So happy

Digital coupons ..

Love the freebies!

Thank you HEB

Too Slow...

Have difficulty when trying to use the search functionality.

I love it this app heb

Coupons are a joke

EVERY SINGLE TIME I select coupons, they never all get applied at checkout. Today, not one of them worked.

Great shopping list

Great! But it needs one more thing.

It would be great if the shopping list feature also showed you the estimated total cost of your purchase.


Luv it

Love this app!

Very helpful when making shopping lists and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the digital coupons. Living on a budget can be difficult but having apps like these are wonderful.