H-E-B Customer Reviews:


Short of really functional

I really do not need an app that mainly shows me where to go in a store. The listing function is marginal and tricky to maintain. I would like to shop on this app for later pickup. I have to have my prescription bottle with me for a refill which is not convenient when I need to fill it during a normal day. I have not tried to coupon. I love heb. This app is not to their normal standard

Great app, very helpful. The only thing that would make it perfect is if you would add prices. I want to be able to keep up with what I'm spending.



Needs to display prices in the shopping list without having to go into details and the total to display.

Everything in one place

I love this App because I can check to see if a store carries my product, which aisle it's on, and the price. I can also see if my prescriptions are ready. Great app.

Need to be able to unlisted coupons if not wanted anymore


Can't unselect coupons, won't always load,

Good app

Please fix so I can delete(deselect) coupons I don't want on there. Sometimes there is a coupon for the same thing but different amounts so I only get .25 off instead of a $1 because I can't take the other one off.


Loved it!!



This is an awesome app

I love clipping my coupons and saving every week!

Love it

So helpful to be able to have coupons without having to clip or print.

Can not pull up weekly ads

I live out of state and can finally get the stuff I love from HEB!!! AWESOME I LOVE IT.

Up to date products, easy coupons

I love love love this app! It helps me plan ahead for shopping and meals so much. I think that there are more digital coupons than yellow coupons in store. And it saves me from forgetting to grab one or hand them over at checkout. I really like the product search, and it tells you the exact aisle it would be in, in your selected store. The only thing I wish it had would be a preview of the next week's weekly ad. It would help so much if I am planning a shopping trip for Wednesday morning on Tuesday.


Great convenience

Gets digital coupons, makes lists, even tells you what aisle a product is on! Shows weekly ads also!

Not as good as United

Just ok

Not user friendly

Don't work

Most of the time the cupons don't work I had a $2.00 off cupon for kids pull ups exact product but didn't work at check out

Love it!

This is such a great app! I love that I can select and use digital coupons. Refill my prescriptions by scanning the Barcode on the bottle. Check out the weekly ad from home while I'm creating my grocery list. This is an app I use quite a bit. I'm so glad that I downloaded it!

Very buggy

Add items either puts it in the checked off list or does not add it. Have to redo every new item added. Has been this may for months. Running Nougat on lg Nexus 5. Not happy. Otherwise very nice to know the aisle of item.

So easy to use!

Its really nice to be able to clip coupons and add to grocery list before you get to the store. The pharmacy feature is nice also. There are some features that other stores have that would be great on here; but considering the app is fairly new, in time this app will ramp up.

Doesn't work!

I can get any coupons to save to my account. The app is unresponsive and will not update my info.

As a programmer this is a terrible design. You can see prices when searching for items, and when you add to the shopping list you see no prices nor totals. How can you know you are saving without knowing your total. Get serious HEB! Checkout home depot app to learn about shopping lists!

Needs location added to coupons

Needs resetting

Needs improvement

Why not just load all the coupons on the app, when you're at the checkout enter your phone number and have coupons applied rather than having to scroll through 614 coupons

Ok when it works

I spent a lot of time making my list and adding coupons. But when I got to the store, most of the items are not even at the store. Would be great if your list totalled the amount for your purchases and make the list work at whatever store you are at and if the app would arrange the items you need in order of how the store is laid out . I.e. apples, milk, juice. Apples are located in front when you walk in, milk on 1st Isle, juice on 2nd, etc. Takes forever for app to open in store. Keeps dropping while sho

Steve Scott

Like it's organization

Pretty well organized and let's you know where each item is than wondering aimlessly trying to find certain items.


Sometimes there shows a digital coupon for an item but it is not sold in the store. Also it would be nice if items in shopping list were listed according to what isle they are on in the store. Would be better organized and make shopping easier.

HEB shopping list

Wonderful! Finds items in store and lists aisle where found. Tells you if not found. Items generally sorted by aisle. Able to choose quantity desired. Change store and item aisles relist according to that store. Only drawback: unable to print list.



Very useful buuut....

This app would be even better if you could sort your grocery list. By aisle for example. And it would be extremely helpful for those of us living on a budget to know the Grand Total of our grocery list.

Does not function properly with android

Needs code fixing. This app will not load on my android. Too bad!



HEB app

It's good. But, I'm unable to share shopping list. Keeps telling me 'unable to process at this time '. Really needed this function so that family can shop for elderly parents.

President and CEO at EGBSMS

Supermarketing and Management Specialists

Lousy usability

The app makes using coupons like pulling teeth. You have to add them, figure out some pin and then have them sent to the register which may take up to 6 minutes to show up so you get to make everyone wait behind you if it even works at all.

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